The Nebraska Christmas Tree Growers Association is organized to help its members grow and market Christmas Trees.

Growing Christmas trees is a business.  Valuable time is wasted when a new grower does not take advantage of the expertise of more experienced growers.  New technology and customer preference make it imperative growers keep up to date.  The best way to learn is from other growers.

The Nebraska Christmas Tree Growers Association (NCTGA) was formed in 1964 specifically so growers could help each other.  There are currently 20 members and associates.  Their experience ranges from years in the business to someone who has yet to plant their first tree.  There is a wealth of information eagerly shared with new growers.

A typical operation is 3 to 8 acres in size.  Most sell trees by the choose and cut method where a customer comes to the farm to cut their own tree.

NCTGA holds an annual meeting each winter.  We hear talks on timely topics and hold workshops on subjects of interest to all growers.  This is followed by a brief business meeting and handing out door prizes. Occasionally, nationally known speakers present topics.

A summer field day is held at a member’s farm and provides a chance to observe insect and disease problems, plantation layout, retailing methods, tree trimming and other topics of interest.

“Christmas Trees” magazine is sent to each member four times a year.  This magazine has many articles of interest regarding management of a tree farm plus a venue for finding tree equipment.

Membership dues are $95 annually.  A small fee is assessed for attending workshops.